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Maddie is a Young Mum, Suffering with Depression and Enjoying a Successful Career

Maddie talks about the support she has received from Forrest Personnel in finding employment as a Receptionist at the Lighthouse Beach Resort in Bunbury. Maddie suffers from depression and anxiety and needed help to find a job, as well as support at the workplace to help her sustain her employment despite her mental health condition.

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She Stood in the Hot Sun

25 Jan 2019

For Peter Raseta, finding a job through Forrest Personnel made a huge impact financially, but it was the ‘insignificant’ moments that created lasting memories. Peter is a family man living with a...

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Lachlan Bunce, Forrest Personnel Supervisor Doug Wilson and Nicholas Quaife

Gardening Gurus at Worsley Refinery

07 Nov 2018

The gardens at Worsley have had a marked improvement over the past 12 months. It’s all due to the outstanding work of the Maintenance Team from Forrest Personnel who’ve been working hard to get t...

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Image of Kerasee in her work uniform

Kesaree changes careers

10 Oct 2018

Kesaree charts a new career path In 2017 49-year-old Thai born Kesaree launched her new career as a carer for people with dementia. Kesaree came to Australia in 2003. Since then she’s worked on far...

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Two men sitting in an office

Cameron gets a taste for surveying during WorkABILITY Day

29 Aug 2018

Cameron Atthowe is a qualified boilermaker/welder but a severe shoulder injury several years ago means that for a long term quality of life a new direction in his career is necessary. Despite havin...

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Three ladies at Bunbury Visitors Centre

WorkABILITY Day builds strong relationships

29 Aug 2018

The City of Bunbury has been building strong relationships with Forrest Personnel over the past 12 months and was happy to be part of WorkABILITY Day in 2018. The Bunbury Visitor Centre, located in...

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Chris using a computer

Chris gains practical experience during WorkABILITY Day

29 Aug 2018

Christopher Wheatley is a fully qualified bricklayer who is a paraplegic as the result of a motor accident and is unable to continue with his trade. Since his accident, Chris has studied Office Adm...

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Emma’s WorkABILITY Day experience

29 Aug 2018

The first thing you notice about Emma is her amazing smile, which lights up her face, and her friendliness. Getting work experience at Red Dot was certainly making her smile during WorkABILITY Day,...

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Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway

Valuable Workplace Experience

05 Aug 2018

Meet Daniel Shepherd and John Ottaway who are proud to be involved with the design and planting of the Colin Whitton Memorial garden at the Worsley Refinery. Daniel and John are part of the Forrest...

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Doug Wilson and Jesse Sniegowski

Alumina Clean Up Crew

11 Jul 2018

Well done to James Humphreys, Jesse Sniegowski and supervisor Doug Wilson, from Forrest Personnel who go above and beyond to clean up under the conveyers in Area 4/5. The crew of employees from Fo...

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Lady using an all-wheel drive wheelchair

Accessibility is no obstacle for Jen

05 Jul 2018

For Simon Dent, former Superintendent Production – Materials, the challenges around securing the right person for the job was the perfect chance for him to show South32 can walk the talk on Diversit...

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