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Job in Jeopardy

Job in Jeopardy – Support for existing Staff

Our Job in Jeopardy Program is a free service that provides immediate support to help employees who are at risk of losing their job as a result of their health condition, injury or disability that is not related to workers compensation.

For employers we recognise the impact that losing experienced staff to injury or illness can have on an organisation.

Through our Job in Jeopardy Program, we offer support to staff members at risk of losing their job due to a non-work related injury, disability or health condition. As part of a comprehensive programme, there are four types of support that we can offer:

  1. Assistive technologies for people with disabilities – we can organise an Occupational Therapist to conduct an assessment of your workplace, and organise Government funding for any workplace redesign and relevant modifications. These can include aids for hearing or visual impairment, lifts, ramps, chair lifts etc.
  2. Non work related injuries – for staff who have an injury that is making it hard for them to do their work. We can help with job redesign, workplace modifications, the purchase of special equipment or referral to allied health professionals.
  3. Physical health conditions – Your staff may be recovering from a health condition such as cancer and may need help with job redesign, workplace modifications, coping strategies, moral support and referral services.
  4. Mental health conditions – such as depression or stress related health conditions. We can help with job redesign, job support strategies, and link with counsellors and other allied health professionals.

This is a free service provided by Forrest Personnel and funded by the Federal Government.

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Once a person commences in the Job in Jeopardy Program, we will create a flexible, individualised program to meet the individual’s needs and help them keep their job.

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