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Diverse workplaces are better workplaces

What is WorkABILITY Day?
WorkABILITY Day is an annual event intended to bring employers and job seekers together for one day. The initiative is designed to broaden awareness that those with health conditions, including mental illness, disability or injury, can bring a range of skills and experiences to a workplace.
Both the employer and the job seeker can experience what it is like to be assisted by Forrest Personnel through the induction process, be supported on the day, and help to create potential opportunities.

WorkABILITY Day 2017


Why should you get involved?A guide for employers about Workability Day 2018

WorkABILITY Day for employers.  Celebrate workplace diversity by hosting someone keen to work for your business who happens to have a health condition or a disability.

  • See how we can help you find and fund great staff
  • Show your customers and community how workplace diversity benefits everyone

To learn more view our Employer Guide.

WorkABILITY Day for job seekers.Spend a day exploring a job you’re curious about in a business that’s keen to support you.

A guide for job seekers for Workability day 2018

  • Show a potential employer how you could boost their business
  • See how we help you to match your talents and skills to job that works

To learn more view our Job Seeker Guide.

WorkABILITY in action

Success stories from WorkAbility Day 2017




If you would like more information about WorkABILITY Day or would like to register your interest, please call 1800 224 548