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Gardening Gurus at Worsley Refinery

Lachlan Bunce, Forrest Personnel Supervisor Doug Wilson and Nicholas Quaife

The gardens at Worsley have had a marked improvement over the past 12 months.

It’s all due to the outstanding work of the Maintenance Team from Forrest Personnel who’ve been working hard to get the greenery thriving.  The gardening team have also been busy maintaining the refinery grounds, mowing lawns, pruning trees, weeding and generally improving the site’s appearance.

Nicholas Quaife said he really enjoys coming to work at Worsley, “it’s fun and I’ve got a keen eye for keeping the trees pruned in straight lines.”  His co-worker, Lachlan Bunce said it was great he was always able to do something different at work and seeing the kangaroos at the refinery definitely cheered him up.

The Forrest Personnel team also includes John and Daniel and their supervisor Kylie and they all agree that the inside gardens are amazing and something you wouldn’t expect to find at the refinery.  They’ve all taken up the challenge to get the creeping Philodendron to climb over the dome so that eventually it will be completely covered.  “It would be a cool, green place to take a break or eat your lunch,” Lachlan said.

Forrest Personnel provide and support meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities, injuries or health conditions and their company motto is No Ability Wasted.